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SoundCloud is a sound sharing and listening stage. It is probably the greatest opponent of Spotify. However, it varies from it with regards to the assortment of the substance you can discover on SoundCloud. In spite of the fact that the solid rivalry, SoundCloud is as yet favored by a crowd of people that appreciates making and tuning in to music. However, individuals additionally want to realize how to change SoundCloud’s name.

SoundCloud isn’t a connecting stage like Spotify. However, your username is as yet important on SoundCloud, particularly in the event that you are a craftsman. Regardless of whether you are not, individuals will discover you via searching for your username. That is the reason for picking a good username toward the start is important.

However, picking the best name isn’t generally possible when we are pursuing SoundCloud. On the off chance that you are a craftsman, you may change your style and it might require changing your name as well. However, we cannot state the equivalent for Snoop Lion.

How To Change Username On SoundCloud?

Obviously, on the off chance that you are only an audience, you might want to change your SoundCloud name also. It doesn’t require a style change for you to do it however on the off chance that you have a name identified with a particular music type, you should change it after some time.

Fortunately, SoundCloud enables you to change your username. Unlike Spotify, it is fairly easy to change your name.

It is possible to change your SoundCloud name both on a desktop and on a cell phone.

Presently how about we find a way to change SoundCloud’s name on a desktop.

Change Your SoundCloud Name From a Desktop

It isn’t hard to do. There are a couple of basic advances, you can discover them underneath.

  1. Sign in to your record on SoundCloud.
  2. Click on your username on the menu at the head of the page.
  3. Select your ‘Profile‘ starting from the drop menu.
  4. Underneath your profile picture, you will see the ‘Alter‘ button, click on it.
  5. Presently you can change your SoundCloud username, your first and last names in your record from here.
  6. Click on the ‘Spare Changes‘ button to end the procedure.

Your name change will display in the entirety of your substance. So you don’t have to stress over the name change for your past posts. Clients who have added your melodies to their playlists will see your new name when they see your tunes next time. Furthermore, your future posts will accompany your new name.

Presently how about we investigate how to change your username from a cell phone.

Change Your SoundCloud Name From a Mobile Device

It is possible to change your username from a cell phone. You can discover the means beneath.

  1. Sign in to your SoundCloud account from your cell phone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Library‘ button on the upper right half of the page.
  3. At that point go to your Profile and get to the Overview area.
  4. Look to one side on the page and tap on the ‘Alter‘ button on the correct side of the page.
  5. At the point when you are in the altering page, pivot your gadget even to see the insights regarding your record.
  6. Presently you can change your SoundCloud username, your first and last names in your record from here.
  7. Make certain to tap on the ‘Spare Changes‘ button to complete it.


We have secured ‘how to change SoundCloud name.’ Unlike Spotify, it is very simple. You can change your username both from a desktop and a cell phone. We have referenced how to do it bit by bit for the two gadgets.

In the event that you want to learn progressively about SoundCloud, read our articles about it. You may be keen on how to download music and video from SoundCloud.

How can I change my username in Spotify?

Username and display name

  1. Tap Home, then Settings.
  2. Tap View profile.
  4. Tap your display name to change it. Tip: You can likewise include or change your profile photo here.
  5. Tap Save.

Can you alter a track on SoundCloud?

How can I alter a track?

You can change, add to, or evacuate your track’s portrayal through the alter page utilizing a PC. You can get to your track’s alter page whenever through the pencil symbol beneath it’s a waveform. Compose a depiction for your track, and let your fans learn progressively about what they are tuning in to.

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What does private on SoundCloud mean?

Posting a track as open methods anyone can check out your track, and it will appear on your SoundCloud profile page and your lover’s Streams. Private tracks are accessible just to you Private tracks won’t show up on your open profile and can’t be searched for inside SoundCloud.

How would you change your name and picture on SoundCloud?

  • You can change your Display Name and Profile URL by setting off to your profile: and hit the ‘Alter’ button on the right, under your header picture.
  • To change your URL, click the little pen symbol that shows up close to your URL, as in this image.

Is there any valid reason why SoundCloud won’t let me change my profile picture?

In case you’re having issues transferring your image, first ensure the image has a record size of 2MB or less. At that point: Check your profile using another program. It might be that your program is clutching obsolete data and you have to clear its store.

Can you change your SoundCloud picture?

You can include or change your profile image either straightforwardly on your profile page, or through your profile alter page using your PC.

Look over the current image, and click ‘Update image’. From that point, choose the document saved money on your PC and click ‘Spare’.

For what reason is my username odd on Spotify?

That’s on the grounds that Spotify has as of late changed a few things in their sign-up structure. Clients are presently approached to choose a display name rather than a username.

They can set their display name to whatever they like and the usernames are produced by the framework.